Late Summer Bouquet Subscription

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Weekly or bi-weekly options
August 2-September 20 ,2021
With your choice of Metchosin pick-up Saturday 10-noon
Victoria no-contact delivery Wednesday 9-noon

Why subscribe? Community supported agriculture shares--or CSA subscriptions--are one way customers can connect with their farmers and enjoy the seasonal nature of local flowers. Your purchase helps to pay for seeds, soil, fencing, labour and so much more that's needed to get the season started and the plants growing. And when farmers know just how many bouquets they'll need to grow, harvest and arrange throughout the season, crop planning and harvest routines are laid out week to week, something that really helps us to grow and live well. You receive the freshest, most beautiful deluxe stems of what we grow!
Late Summer weekly bouquets ~ 8 bouquets, weekly ~ August 2-September 20, 2021  $200 + 40.00 delivery in Victoria area (or no-charge pick-up)
Late Summer bi-weekly bouquets~ 4 bouquets, bi-weekly ~ August 2-September 20 $100 + 20.00 delivery in Victoria area (or no-charge pick-up

If your purchase is a gift, please let us know and we'll send you an e-Card to forward. 
A printed card with envelope is optional and will be mailed to you. Please allow at least 7 days for processing.