Botanica Bouquet Bundle

Botanica Bouquet Bundle

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We create our botanical prints by applying plants directly to silk and gently steaming to transfer colour and hints of plant form. The result is a one-of-a-kind creation--watercolour meets vintage silk--that flutters beautifully. ~5-metre bundles.

The Botanica Bracken dye lot features moody tones of gold, green, mauve, and coppery orange. Imagine the textures of this trio streaming from a bouquet of butterfly ranunculus or burgundy dahlias. This bundle includes semi-sheer chiffon and opaque, wide-width cascading Habotai.

The Botanica Pitch dye lot is a brighter gold, with warm brown and a subtle touch of ochre. This bundle includes sheer organza and semi-opaque wide chiffon.

As with all of our bundles, pressing or steaming will be needed before tying.