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3 lengths of bias-cut organza for maximum flutter


bias-cut Habotai in one length (last one). 


Bracken is an earthy gold without harshness or pretense. 

Silk Habotai: Bias-cut or fringe-edged, this semi-opaque and luxe silk has a subtle sheen and glow. It floats on the wind and plays beautifully with the more sheer chiffon or organza. Spray with cold water to give it a rumply-lingerie vibe.

Silk Organza: Bias-cut or fringe-edged, this open-weave silk is light and sheer for bouquets and table settings. When gently dipped in water, squeezed, then hung to dry, it takes on an edgy and architectural look, perfect for styling. Crisp, strong and durable.