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Finch: Like a sparrow dipped in raspberry juice is how Peterson's Field Guide puts it. 

This dye is a combo of plant dyes from the farm and natural dyes in powder form. Each fabric takes the dye in a different way, but we've decided to give them all one name: Finch.

Bias-cut 2" opaque Habotai is a deep and dusty raspberry with striations and a hand-dyed vibe.

Bias-cut 2" sheer organza, and bias-cut 2"silk/satin are both a luscious deep pink.

Fringed 2" translucent chiffon is likewise deep pink.

Fringed 2" velvet is deep and dusty on the matte side and a more sparkling version on the other.

1/2 inch deep pink Habotai also available (3 metre lengths with occasional seams)