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About the ribbon

Vintage softness meets modern style

All of our ribbons are dyed, cut and trimmed by hand. We dye in small batches, and any imperfections that result should be considered evidence of the magic that happens when plants are used to tint a moveable, changeable fabric like silk.

All ribbons are dyed using plant matter, so unique markings and variations may appear on the fabric. You are purchasing a truly special keepsake that announces—with the subtlety of its colour and remarkable sheen—just where it came from and how it came to be. We hope you find another life for the ribbon after your event or shoot.

Bias-cut ribbons are cut on a 45-degree diagonal for flow and flutter. The edges are unfinished and may soften with use—or by gently brushing with your finger—but they won’t unravel. Typically, we choose not to join lengths with seams.

Fringed ribbons are cut lengthwise and frayed by hand to achieve a less structured look. If single threads begin to separate--or if you'd like an even softer edge--simply pull threads one at a time, the length of the ribbon.

Washing: Every effort has been made to produce a colour-fast ribbon. If laundering, please use cold water and a pH neutral soap so that colour doesn't change. Edges will likely soften with this extra handling. Iron with a fairly hot setting, or just enjoy the crumple.

Colour: These ribbons are photographed in natural light against pure white linen; however, the colour may be slightly different from what you see on your screen. Every effort has been made to represent colour and shade, but depending on light, each ribbon’s lustre creates depth and variation on a colour theme. We suggest you resist the urge to match ribbon exactly to other fabrics, and instead let it play with and enhance other colours.

Prices vary according to type of fabric. Some products are in very limited supply.

Silk Chiffon: Cut on the bias for maximum flutter, chiffon has an elegant drape and pebbly texture, is semi-sheer, and acquires a soft edge with use. To get a Boho crumply look, simply spray with cold water, or immerse it, squeeze gently and then hang to dry. 

Silk Habotai: Bias-cut or fringe-edged, this semi-opaque and luxe silk has a subtle sheen and glow. It floats on the wind and plays beautifully with the more sheer chiffon or organza. Spray with cold water to give it a rumply-lingerie vibe.

Silk Organza: Bias-cut or fringe-edged, this open-weave silk is light and sheer for bouquets and table settings. When gently dipped in water, squeezed, then hung to dry, it takes on an edgy and architectural look, perfect for styling. Crisp, strong and durable. 

Silk Crepe de Chine: Bias-cut, shimmery, luxurious and slightly textured with a very light drape.